Mosasaurus 1/32 Imaginary Skeleton

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Imagining life from ancient memories in the form of fossils!

The third round of the realistic skeltal model series is here! 1/32 Imaginary Skelton Mosasaurus.

■Total length: approx.350mm. This is a skeltal model in a fixed pose that captures the natural moments of the biological theories.
■It is a skeletal model with a pose that fuses science and a beautiful design and intricate details throughout its body, resulting in a skeletal model where you can feel what the dinosaur was like when it wa alive by assembling it.
■Their eyes were able to see clearly even in dark and murky waters, and the sclerotic rings that protected them from water presure and strong sunlight during the day have also been reproduced.
■The two rows of special teeth in the upper jaw that indicate taht the Mosaurus were close relatives of snakes have been recreated.
■The intramandibular joint, which opened widely to create water flow and make it easier to swallow prey, has also been recreated.
■The details of the multi-jointed fin-like limbsb with the specialized ability to flexibily paddle through water habe been recreated.
■The concave molds are engraved to ditinguish similar parts during the assembuly process.
■The display base faithfully reproduces marine life such as ammonites and rudists(unique cup-shaped bivalves) that lives in the same areas at the same time as the Mosasaurus.
■A guide booklet supervised by Kyoichi Tomita, a resercher of repti;es and dinosaurs, is included!

■ Instruction manual × 1
■ Guide booklet x 1
■ Display base X 1

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