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How does the $0 down work?

When pre-ordering with a card you are not charged until the entire order is about ready to ship, your card will be charged automatically for your pre-order. When pre-ordering with PayPal, you are charged immediately but you don't have to worry about any issues regarding a credit card in the future.

Can I cancel my pre-order?

Yes you can, if you cancel your pre-order before the product is about ready to ship (about 2 weeks within shipping), or before your credit card is charged for your pre-order. Please note that pre-orders are placed based on the intention of keeping your pre-order, it is customer's responsiblity of letting us know in a timely manner if they don't intend to keep the pre-order. In the event of repreating pre-order cancellation after the card is charged, product is about ready to ship, or product is in stock ready to ship, we will cancel all your out standing pre-order with the belief that you don't intend to keep any of your pre-orders. 

The item is released, how come I haven't gotten it yet? 

Because we are based in the US, our release dates are delayed drastically by 2 weeks to a month after the initial release date. Unfortunatelay, our distributors have the power to delay it further. It takes about 1-2 weeks to have it shipped to us as well.  

Are your items authentic?

Yes, we are official partners with GoodSmile and Kotobukiya. All of are products are imported from Japan. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide, and provide free shipping on any order over $150 in the continental US.

I don't see a button to cancel my pre-order, how can I do that? 

Feel free to send us an email with the order number you wish to cancel and we can do that for you without any hassle. 

Is it safe to use my card on your site? 

It is a 100% safe, we have been changing our site for the better. Improving the safety of our customers info along with ours. No one in our facility handles any sort of information regarding the credit cards, it goes directly to authorize.net and it is one of the most secure networks for credit cards. As for PayPal, it goes directly to PayPal themselves. The website is SSL protected for your most secure web browsing! 

How come my tracking information hasn't updated?

There may be quite a few reasons as to why the info hasn't been updated. The first reason could be that the shipping service has not scanned the item upon arrival but has scanned once ready to ship to out of the facility. Another reason could be that we may have been packing so many items that unfortunately, we could not ship out every single item that needed to be shipped out that day. On the rare occasion it could be that we could be away from our warehouse attending a convention. 

Where are you guys based?

We are based in the East Coast, of the USA! We have a store you can visit at 199-13 32nd Ave, Flushing, NY, 11358

I am an international customer, do you accepet international payment?

We do accept international orders, however we require all international orders to be paid with Paypal. This is for security reasons.

I am an international customer, but I don't have a Paypal account. Can I still place an order?

We accept international credit cards, however all international orders placed with a credit card must be put on hold for 7 business days after the credit card is charged to prevent any credit card fraud. When you place a pre-order with credit card, it is not charged at pre-order, but at shipping, so pre-order will be put on hold for 7 days after the product is ready to ship.