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  • Brand : GSI
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  • Categories : Mr. CUTTING MAT A4 Size
  • Introducing a cutting mat; another must-have item for building scale models.
  • The contrast of the black and white color enhances its visual clarity.
  • The lines on the mat can be seen through Mr. MASKING TAPE, so you can cut Mr. MASKING TAPE precisely without any other tools.  
  • From 1/12 to 1/700 scales are printed along 4 sides.
  • The A4 size mat is compact and it can be placed even on a small space.
  • The checkered patterns cosisting of 1mm & 2mm squares are useful to cut the tape into a small parts.
  • Made of PVC resin, 2mm thickness.

Package Type:

  • OPP with header
  • Size: 340x220x10(mm)
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