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Frame Arms Girl is a unique spin-off series that redesigns the robots of the original Frame Arms line as beautiful girls! The latest addition to the line is an upgraded version of Stylet. Based on Takayuki

Yanase’s mech design and Humikane Shimada’s character design, Stylet XF-3 boasts vast improvements from the original Stylet model’s poseability and customizability.

Model Specifications:

 The kit includes a range of additional and nely redesigned parts that are not included in the original Stylet kit, including a smart gun, missiles, a large-scale gatling gun, bladed eapons, armor parts and more.

 The nely droid parts can be attached to the model’s shoulders.

 The model has a vastly improved range of movement and uses the thigh oints and skirt design from Gourai-Kai ver. 2.

 Stylet’s signature pigtail parts have been redesigned, making them easier to pose at the connection point.

 The thigh armor is connected ith a double ball oint, giving it a ider range of movement.

 The kit includes three nely designed pre-painted face parts: looking leftdefault epression, looking forardshouting, and a smug epression ith the eyes closed.

 t is possible to recreate the original Stylet design using the parts in the kit.

 ike Gourai-Kai ver. 2, the kit includes five sets of  hands ith ball oints.

 The back booster can be transformed into a fighter drone.

 There are to choices for the back booster, the original design and a drone design.

 The kit includes decals for the eyes and other markings.

 The  hands are compatible ith eisting eapons from the MSG and Frame Arms series.

 The 3mm connectors on the arms and feet are compatible ith gear from the MSG and Frame Arms series.

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