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From the masterpiece of flight shooting games, "ACE COMBAT" series, the first fictional aircraft in the series "X-02S" is also turned to be a plastic model after the "XFA-27"!

It is a snap-fit kit which doesn't require glue to assemble and is molded according to data of X-02S in the game in order to recreate it faithfully.

The characteristic variable-sweep wing structure can be recreated by exchanging alternative parts after assembly.
Also, by using alternative parts, you can change its landing gear and weapon bay to opening/closed state. MSL and EML can be equipped on it.

The set includes a mini base with a newly designed attachment part that can be turned 90 degrees left or right and is compatible with rolling.

Moreover, no matter the EML is inside the weapon bay or being expanded, it can be displayed in flight mode.
Since it is in 1/144 scale, you will find it's easy to recreate the situation of "Team Death Match" in the multiplayer mode of the game that displaying 4 aircraft together even in a small space.

The product is unpainted and is in gray molded color. You can customize it in your favorite color setting.

By using the included decals together you can recreate the Mage2, Spare15, Strider1, and other trigger plane types.

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