Thanks to the public support we where able to grow our inventory and services. In about 2 days we will offer Fedex shipping option!!! We are still working with Fedex to offer our customers best and lowest shipping rate possible from Fedex.

Fedex may offer reliable, and sometimes cheaper shipping option to USPS. (normally larger heavier items are cheaper to ship Fedex)

We will still have USPS as part of the option as their Priority Mail is still king of cheap rate! 

Leave some fee back below and let us know what you think of this new option.


MP-13 restock this week

MP-13 is sold out as of now sorry for those who missed it. The good news is there will be another shipment coming sometimes this week!! follow us on twitter to get the latest update!! I will post it on twitter as soon as i get news to when it will arrive this week.

lunar toy store@lunartoystore


MP-13 is almost here!! We got word that our shipment is about to get ship out after next week, therefore we close all pre-order for MP-13 now. Next time you see MP-13 on our site will be in stock and ready to ship!!! Should be around late this month!

MP-12T Tigertrack on pre-order!

E-hobby MP-12T is coming out sometime June, or July. We are taking pre-order now! Its a yellow lamborghini, and I definitely hope there are some extra cool things that come with him to make him stand out. Post your comments, and let us know what you think hes going to be like, or what you want him to be like.

Grand Opening bonus!

We are kicking off our store grand opening with free collector coin give away!!


Limited Time Promotion!! Order placed for MP-12 will get a Free MP-12 Sideswipe collector coin ( Hurry while supply last)!!

Update on 3/3/2013. Due to the popular demand for MP-12 we ran out of free coin. Therefore the free coin promotion have ended. Sorry for those who missed out on it. 

Thanks for looking!!

Welcome to our new store!


Thank you all for visiting this young growing store. We will soon add additional selection to our product line.

Soon to come list:

3rd party category
Transformers Encore category
Encore 23 Fortress Max Pre-order
Encore 20A Devastator Anime Color edition Pre-Order
Encore Sixshot Asian exclusive edition
Masterpiece MP-15 pre-order
Masterpiece MP-16 pre-order
Transformers Alternity Super GT-01 Optimus Prime Pre-order
Transformers Alternity Super GT-02 Savior Pre-order

Any input from the public will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all for visiting.


Welcome to Lunar Toy Store, where we bring you the latest and the greatest toy from Asia. We are a growing small business, but that doesn’t stop us to strive to be the best. We understand that our selection is small now, but we are trying to expand it as we grow. Currently our primary toy focused line is transformers. We offer free shipping within continental US for purchase over $150. Thank you for your visit, we appreciate your business.


We don't have complicated marking machine, and staffs. Therefore we don't spam your email endlessly. What ever we sent out are definitly good with personal care.